Special Offers

Hover Boards are self-balancing electrical scooters with two wheels. Swegway is one of the leading manufacturers of hover boards in United Kingdom. A variety of products are available from this seller.

Tyre Size

Hover boards can be classified into three major groups according to their wheel size. The wheel size is one the controlling factors behind weight support capacity, the miles the hover board can run per charge and the size of the board. The categories are:

  1. Small hover boards with 6.5 to 6.7 inches of wheel diameter: These hover boards are mostly suited for indoor purposes. The varieties available in the market weigh about 25 pounds to 30 pounds. Per charge they can run 10 miles to a maximum of 16 miles in some models. Maximum speed attained by these small sized boards vary from 12 mph to 18 mph. Swegway V1 Red is a model of this category. Per charge it can operate for 16 miles. It can support a weight of 100 kgs.
  2. Medium sized hover boards with 7 inches to 8 inches of wheel diameter: This version weighs 22 pounds to 26 pounds. All the other features are same as the smaller hover versions. These hover boards are hover meant for well-built or heavier individuals. The carrying capacity of the boards is better than the smaller versions. They are meant for outdoor usage.

Larger versions of hover board with 10 inches of wheel diameter: They are the most robust variety available in market. They can support a weight of 265 pounds. They can easily move over obstacles like grass. They are meant for experienced users. Version 3 models of Hoverboards are of this variety. Priced at 400 pounds they are all Bluetooth enabled devices.