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Turn Your Hoverboard Into an Awesome Gokart


A hoverkart is a hoverboard accessory that turns your hoverboard into a super fun electric gokart that can speed up, brake, turn on a penny, and do wheelies, all with simple, hand controls.

Just attach the kart onto your hoverboard and you're ready to roll. The attachment system allows you to attach and detach it to differently sized hoverboards 6", 8" and 10" hoverboards.

  • Max Speed: ~12mph or 20kph (hoverboard dependent)
  • Battery Life: ~1 hour of continuous usage (hoverboard dependent)
  • Max. Weight: ~220 lbs or 100kg (hoverboard dependent)
  • Min. Height: 40" or 100cm
  • Max. Height: 6'6" or 200cm

As you can see from the specs above, the performance depends heavily on the hoverboard you're using. The specs above represent what we've found to be true on average across all the hoverboard brands and models we've tested so far.


A lot of emphasis was put on testing to ensure that the hoverkart designs are robust. Before the production units hit your doorstep they'll undergo even more testing to check that the build quality is up to the high standards. We're confident that the Drifter hover gokart will hold up to all the fun you can throw at it! 



The the Drifter Hover Gokart is easy to attach and fun to ride.



The ultimate goal is for the Drifter Hover Gokart to be compatible with every hoverboard on the market.  

However, there are many variations of hoverboard including a lot of knockoffs that all look the same but really aren't. So far, the Drifter Hover Gokart has developed feet for the typical 6.5", 8" and 10" boards pictured below and tested them with a variety of different brands and models with 100% success.

Works with these boards

Does NOT work with these boards YET

The next step is to develop feet for some of the other popular models such as the ones pictured below



One of the major advantages of Hoverkart is that it provides a third point of contact with the ground. The handles give you a firm grasp on the hoverboard so it's unaffected by bumps in the terrain that would send even the most experienced hoverboard riders tumbling. That being said, we would recommend that you always wear a helmet when riding :)

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