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The Kickster 250 Vroom
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Intrigued by a lightweight, portable, electric adult scooter?

  • You can zip around on the Kickster with or without electricity.

  • Bypass the never ending wait for trams and buses.

  • Beat traffic jams.

  • Don't pay exorbitant taxi or parking fees when visiting your clients.

  • Extremely light weight adult scooter.
    The Kickster is the weight of a large bag of dog food, which is pretty amazing especially in view of the fact that it will be carrying you. It is designed for adults weighing up to 100kg.

  • Its small footprint makes it easy to be stowed underneath or next to your desk in the office.

  • The quick lock frame takes but a second to fold and unfold.

    electric commuter scooter

  • Next thing to note: the Kickster is truly designed for adults or large teenagers to ride.

  • The powerful and incredibly reliable 250 Watt electric, direct drive hub motor scoots riders along for between  19km (or 11 miles) and 28km and 17 miles per charge.

  • This electric scooter for adults reaches speeds of up to 23km per hour or 14 miles per hour depending on the terrain.

  • There are no gears, chains, grease or maintenance services required. And even though it cannot be submerged in water, theKickster is entirely splash proof.

    The Kickster has enough torque to go uphill

  • Depending on the passengers weight and the terrain it is powerful enough to easily cope with hills of between 10 to 20 degrees. Only in very hilly cities like San Francisco may the Kickster need a bit of manual assistance occasionally.

  • The Lithium-Ion battery is put together with Samsung 18650 cylinder cells, based on Li-ion, Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt Oxide or NMC. Thisis much safer and stronger than non cylinder Li-Ionn batteries used by many cheaper electric scooter models.

  • It is so efficient that you can travel 500 miles on £0.80p worth of electricity.

  • Super bright LED lights give it excellent visibility for night riding and makes it impossible for other drivers not to see you.

    Take a refreshing ride home or to the train station, and get rid of the physical stiffness after a long 9-5 working day.

    Perfect electric Scooter with good range, speed, power, cruise control and regenerative breaking.

  • It uses a zero-start mechanism where pushing the throttle when the scooter is at rest, does nothing. 
    This means that you've got to kick start the Kickster by pushing away from the ground.

  • A rider can go over a surface with rather large cracks or speed bumps without much of a problem because of the long deck which doubles as suspension, just like riding on a long skateboard.

  • Should the battery run out of juice, you can still get yourself home by only push kicking with the power off, which is helped by the low 3 1/2" deck. 

  • This type of scooter is ideal for traveling distances of up to 10 miles +/-), and for running errands around the city without working up a sweat. 

  • A Kickster can have a place in anyone's life.

  • Great for the environment to commute zipping around on an electric scooter.

  • The Kickster will save you hundreds every month from being ripped off by sky high commuter fees.

    Please abide to existing traffic laws when riding the Kickster.

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