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Product Description

Product Description
The I-walk adds a padded knee control bar to the middle of your hoverboard to make steering super simple and safe.

Following on from the hoverboard, the I-walk is the next step in personal electronic transport.
Safer, a lot faster and a lot easier to control.
It's lots of fun too.

self balancing scooter with knee bar

The noticeable difference is a "knee control bar" to help you move around, instead of completely relying on your balancing skills.
There are 100s of adjustments per second underneath the foot pads to make it easier for you to ride it.

back_lights hoverboard with knee handle

Still, leaning forward causes you to accelerate; leaning on your heels slows you down or helps you roll backwards slowly.
Pushing the knee pad lightly with your right knee turns it left and pushing it the other way turns it right.

I-walk is the fastest hoverboard on the market.
Ride it by leaning forwards to move straight on and backwards to slow down and break, using the knee steering handle bar makes it easy to pivot on the spot.
This easy steering mechanism makes it a must-have for all ages. The I-walk has more swagger, more style than other hover boards, and rightly so.
With its 10" wheels it can overcome obstacles other hoverboards cannot.
Ninebot Mini Pro Iwalk

The I-walk lets you swing and sway around obstacles as if you were on a ski slope.
Starting your commute feeling the fresh air is a sure fire method to increase your happiness.
Many have predicted that hoverboards will be helping with short commutes, the I-walk will assist with even longer commutes at speeds which makes it a real alternative to bicycles.
On days you need to arrive at the office appearing fresh, the I-walk is the only choice.
The future has truly arrived for all those who have enough of adding to pollution and being stuck in public transport.

The I-walk has brake lights, turn signals, a headlight, and a parking brake.

The I-walk can handle 15-degree inclines and is water resistant (IP54) and dust proof.


Weight: 28 lbs (13 kg)
Size:   10" x 22" (26cm x 55cm)
Max Speed: 11.2mph (18km/h)
Typical Range: 16.6 mi (22km)
High capacity battery (33km)

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Brand: I-walk
Product Condition: New
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Product Details
Brand: Electric Scooter
Product Condition: New
Product Description
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